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“That was a bloody scream!” - Audience member, Kingsbury Production

“I laughed so much I nearly wet myself” – Audience member, Southampton Production


Sell out performances in Southampton, Sheffield, Wetherby
and Tewkesbury


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“ If any society would like to talk to us about the show we would be glad to tell them how good we think it is - and how much we enjoyed doing it ” - Frank Daly, Treasurer of Manor Players, Tewkesbury.


“ The audience was treated to a rare combination of wonderful new music, belly-laugh humour and classic farce ” – The Lymington Times, reviewing the Southampton production


“ This is a reassuringly old-fashioned musical farce that does what it says on the label. The audience loved it! ” - Marion Haywood, The Sheffield Telegraph.


“ It was brilliant having so many small but colourful parts to share out ” - Eleanor Hewitt, Producer of The Hightimers’ production, Boroughbridge, Yorkshire.


“ A really excellent piece ... a wonderful evening's entertainment ” - Eric Smart, NODA Chairman & Past President


“ A fabulous cross between Celebrity Fit Club and Dad’s Army ”


‘Act Your Age’  is written to play to the strengths of amateur groups:- 


There is plenty for the chorus to do:
plenty of time on stage and plenty of up-beat chorus numbers to sing and dance to.


The principals should be happy too with some 20 named parts, the majority of which are for women in their 50s (leading roles) and 70s. For smaller societies, some parts can be doubled.


As for the audience, the music is all written to entertain with satisfying tunes and harmonies - and Brian Clemens, who wrote the Avengers as well as West End farces, he helped with the book so the visual comedy is sure to keep everyone amused. This is a traditional, heart-warming farce with people popping in and out of doors:- astonished people, surprised people, embarrassed people. And it’s a send up too. It makes fun of the modern cult of celebrity – for here are a bunch of old folk and they are all obsessed with Angelina’s star sign and Brittany’s latest dietary fads. Put this lot in charge, add some people with mysterious secrets, add a couple of jewel thieves and a shop mannequin wearing diamond-studded knickers and it’s a recipe for a lot of fun.


Playing to the strengths of amateur groups . . .


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Articles about the show . . .


See the Noda News article that first generated interest in the show


Dec 2006 Noda News article


Sep 2007 Noda News article



News . . .

   Big congratulations to Grange Musical Society, whose 2023 production of Act Your Age won Noda’s ‘Best Staging’ award (North West Division 11).


News . . .

June 2023 - great to hear from West Otaga, New Zealand, about the West Otago Theatrical Society’s production of Act Your Age.


News . . .

A great write-up for Grange Musical Theatre Society’s 2023 production of Act Your Age.



News . . .

   Congratulations to MELKSHAM music and drama group. Their production of Act Your Age won “Best Comedy - 2016” at the NODA South-West awards. Dee Way, NODA's south west regional representative, said: “I have not laughed so much for years and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire show.”
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The ten members of the MMAD group at the awards ceremony in Bristol


News . . .

April 2016 . . . Another sell-out production for Act Your Age – this time in Wetherby, Yorkshire

(Celebration cake, baked for the after-show party by Julia Eastwood)


News . . .

2012-2015 . . . Five productions of Act Your Age including Reading, Bristol, Australia and New Zealand


News . . .

Four more productions of Act Your Age in 2010 including one in Australia


News . . .

2009, Tewkesbury, Glocs.

Sell-out evenings  . . .  more

2009, Boroughbridge, Yorks . . .  more

2008, Sheffield, Yorks, Sell-out evenings . . .  more . . .  review


News . . .

Act Your Age caused quite a stir at the NODA-North-East conference in Scarborough 2007.  Delegates were seen dragging their colleagues across the room to see the
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The first production . . .


In Nov 2006, Waterside Musical Society performed
Act Your Age in Southampton.


The show sold out and broke box office records.


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Valerie wins an award