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The staging is straightforward. There is a single set for both acts:- a large room in a big house.

There are no stairs or platforms. The main consideration is the doors:- there must be three sturdy, functioning doors at the back of the set.





Costuming the show should be relatively inexpensive. Modern dress can be used throughout with the addition of some extravagant accessories for when the old folk are pretending to be celebrities.





The standard orchestration is for Piano, Keyboard, and Drums. The keyboard part is designed to be played by one musician using a keyboard capable of producing synthetic sounds such as string ensemble, brass ensemble and wind ensemble. Smaller societies may choose instead to perform the piece using the piano-only arrangement in the vocal score.


For full orchestral arrangements please contact the publisher (see licensing above)





The Director’s edition of the libretto includes some notes intended to help production teams, including:-


          Helpful Hints for rehearsing the two farce scenes

          Props (including a sub list of props that are particularly important to the plot)

          Notes on costumes and quick changes

          Sound effects, lighting effects and special effects


          . . .  plus some notes on the music, including which musical numbers lend themselves to movement and dance