Valerie pointedly goes and looks off L


Mrs Hewitt†††††††† Right, everyone, this is the place.


Valerie††††††††††††††† Any more of you?


Mrs Hewitt†††††††† No, weíre all present and correct.


Valerie††††††††††††††† And you are . . .


Mrs Hewitt†††††††† Hewittís the name. How díyou do. Iím afraid weíve got a bit of a do on up at the home. Thereís some fellow out there in a trench and heís managed to put his pick axe through something vital. Weíve got no electricity or water
. . . and now the loos are backing up as well. Josephine, I donít know whatís so funny but if you donít stop giggling Iíll send you back to help clear up the mess. And Joan I wonít tell you again about slouching. Stand up and be proud. Sunny Seniors donít slouch.


Valerie††††††††††††††† Well, Mrs Hewitt, Iím afraid that tonight is not† . . .


Mrs Hewitt ††††††† Good! I was sure youíd be able to help. Thatís wonderful. Some sort of a clinic arenít you? Donít worry if you havenít got rooms for them all. Theyíre used to sharing. Right, best if I push off now. The staff and I need to clean up - and to look around for new premises. Weíll be back tomorrow to pick everyone up. Tomorrow evening at the latest.


Mrs Hewitt and her staff start to go but then Mrs Hewitt spots Josephine holding something furtively.


You see, Mrs Granger this is, Iím afraid the sort of frivolous behaviour we discourage at Sunny Seniors. Josephine here seems to be under the impression that within the pages of this publication (looks disdainfully at the magazine) sheíll find edification and wisdom. Alas, all she will learn about are the mating habits of (derisively) celebrities. But Iím sure I can rely on you, Mrs Granger, to maintain Sunny Seniorsí standards in my absence. Iím sure you too run a tight ship. No surfing the net, no DVDs that might cause over-excitement, no reading after lights out, thatís the sort of thing.