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Musical number 17

A rotter like me

Solo for Iris


Iris                                As a snotty nosed tot I forgot when to squat

On my pot and it got me chastised

As a spotty faced swat I was got at a lot

By a hot headed clot I despised


Full of dread I was wed to a Ted known as Ed

And he steadily bled me quite dry.

I saw red when he said ďyouíre a dead loss in bedĒ.

As I fled I was ready to die


But I found  consolation in thieving

As a fence

Lifeís intense

Yes I found consolation receiving

Stolen goods

From hoods


You get nought if youíre caught but itís sport of a sort
And itís taught me to court risky dealing

When youíre sought donít get fraught,
Overwrought or distraught, itís important to chortle when stealing


But this plot is all shot. Yes, thatís what we have got:-
Itís the dottiest plot  there could be

Great Scott if they spot what sheís got on her bot.

I will rot like a clot in the grottiest spot.

They will not give a jot

Thatís the lot

Of a rotter like me.